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Suhner Finger Grinders for Stainless Steel Workers

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Suhner (Australia)  caters to the needs of stainless steel workers in industrial and handicraft segments with a range of power tools and abrasives designed for stainless steel surfaces.  

Products made from stainless steel are increasingly gaining in significance with qualities such as hygiene, functionality, visual appeal and long life-span. A superior surface quality is a key requirement to achieving these advantages.  

Suhner’s power tools yield optimal results reliably and economically even for difficult applications.  

Suhner offers UMC 5 R finger grinders that find use in tight applications such as grinding inside corners on square pipes or for finishing lattices on stainless steel railings.  

Key features of UMC 5 R finger grinders:

  • Continuously adjustable oscillation range of 2300 - 5100 Hz and 8mm stroke  
  • Delivers 500 W power, sufficient to remove even large amounts of material
  • Compact construction for sensitive work
  • Grinder’s head can be fitted with easily exchangeable right- or acute-angled abrasive receivers
  • Velcro fasteners simplify abrasive changes

UMC 5 R finger grinders are available in a range of grinding and web discs with a choice of grain sizes as well as grades from roughing to polishing.

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