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Pipe and tube grinding tool from Suhner (Australia)

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Suhner (Australia)  offer pipe and tube belt grinder for to facilitate pipe grinding operations. Pipe grinding is one of the complex jobs in metalworking and in particular if stainless steel finishing is to be achieved in a flawless surface. The new UTG 9R pipe and tube belt grinder OTTO SUHNER GmbH, from Suhner (Australia), comes with high removal rate and it is easy to handle. The patented design features include an adjustable and pivoting contact roller for circumferential grinding.

The drive roller of the UTG 9R pipe grinding tool presents a larger diameter, an optimised geometry and a new material for the reliable transfer of its 1050 W of output power. The belt wraparound on the pipe is as high as 220 degrees. Limiting the wraparound angle to this max value prevents the risk of overheating, distortion, and discoloration on thin-walled pipes.

The special arrangement of rollers facilitates grinding on pipes and tubes with diameters from 20 to 70 mm. The high belt speed of 7 to15.5 m/s serves to enhance further the material removal rate. The optimal belt speed for every application can be set at the drive’s continuous electronic control.

Besides performance and economy, safety is assigned as a central role for all SUHNER tools. For instance, the grinding belt is exposed only over the grinding section. At all other places it is covered against bodily contact. The grinding belts also transport the grinding dust they generate and they eject it at the deflector rollers into the surrounding air.

Like all models in the G Series the UTG 9R pipe belt grinder features digital control electronics for constant working speeds, a gentle start up procedure for minimised motor, tool shock and a PTC thermal monitor as protection against overheating. The under voltage protection is an effective measure. With its performance characteristics, its application properties and its silent running under all loads, the new grinder is ideal for welds on pipe joints and in corners. Grinding belts are available for VA steels as nonwoven and Trizact designs in a range of grain sizes for all application fields.

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