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Introducing the Rotomax 1.5.

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After over a decade of severe, trouble free service the Suhner Rotofera has earned a name for itself in Australia as the ultimate, rugged, all-purpose polishing and grinding machine.

Perfect for a wealth of assignments - including steel fabrication, in polishing shops, in sheet steel assembly, in kitchen equipment fabrication, in stainless balustrading finishing and in numerous other applications which demand power, versatility and reliability.

As a three phase machine some smaller finishing shops have been prevented from acquiring its time and labour saving advantages.

Suhner is now again living up to its role as a leading specialist in flexible-shaft machinery with the introduction of an entirely new generation: the Rotomax 1.5 a 15 amp Single Phase fully electronic speed control system.

This new engineering design retains the specific properties of the Rotofera, as you would expect from "The Abrasive Experts"; separating the drive unit and the tool gives the user a powerful drive without having to hold a heavy tool. The lightweight tool holders make for delicate and fatigue-free work wherever high power levels are needed - even in locations with restricted accessibility. The output features on-off control and infinite speed regulation delivering exactly the right speeds for a wide variety of tasks.

Power Supply is Single Phase to the State of the Art Induction Motor which produces whisper quiet 1500W of power.

A comprehensive range of tool holders, attachments and abrasives rounds out the machine to create a complete Abrasive Expert processing system.

A keypad on top of the housing makes selecting the desired speed - shown in a display - both quick and easy. Electronic speed regulation is implemented here.

Available at the output, with a DIN 10 connection, are speeds from 500 to 15,000 rpm in 100 Rpm Steps.

The electronics regulate gentle starting and, engaging the built-in brakes, achieve a very short run-out period.

The unit develops 1.5 kW of power, ensuring superior performance at all speeds.

Rotomax can be supplied as a hanging model, ideal for wet environments such as Stone Polishing or where the user wishes to keep the shaft above the work; on the basic stand which can be mounted as and where the user desires, or on a specially designed stable trolley for portability around the work shop.

Those who use this new machine are rightfully entitled to expect easy handling at high power, superb flexibility, considerable time savings when changing speeds, and optimized properties in terms of ergonomics and safety.

All in all, Rotomax embodies everything it needs to assume its new position as the future flagship among Suhner's flexible-shaft machines; The Abrasive Experts.

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