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SUHNER Automation has introduced the BEM-6 and BEM-12 drilling units featuring its new Micro Adjustment for depth control.

This feature allows the drilling depth to be accurately set from 0-80mm visually, without the need of calipers or gauges.

The Micro Adjustment feature is essential when depth control is critical.

Coarse adjustment of the feed depth is achieved by moving the cylinder from one notch to the next, an adjustment of 10mm (.394”).

Finer adjustment is achieved by rotating the head of the cylinder. One full rotation increases the depth by .5mm (.020”).

Then to really "Fine Tune", the cylinder head is marked with 10 dial lines that adjust the depth by .05mm (.002”) from line to line. Setting the cylinder head between lines, provides the capability to visually set the desired depth to within .001”.

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