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Polymer packaging solutions from Sud-Chemie Australia

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Sud-Chemie Australia  manufactures a range of products like polymer packaging solutions, silica gel canisters, indicating silica gel canisters, indicating silica gel capsules, silica gel, molecular sieve, thermo covers, activated carbon sachets, activated carbon packets, , activated carbon containers, Dri II, Tablets, silica gel capsules ultra thin desiccants. A wide selection of humidity protectors, liquid indicators, activated carbon bags, Ice-Pax, thermo caps and custom packaging solutions.

The Ice-Pax thermal gel from Sud-Chemie Australia has been formulated to cater to the needs of the COLD CHAIN logistics markets in Australia. The Ice-Pax is an easy to use, non staining and non toxic product that replaces ice and is totally reusable.

The Thermo Cover from Sud-Chemie Australia is temperature maintenance barriers that are designed for ceilings of shipping containers. The Thermo Cover modules come in sizes to suit 20 foot and 40 foot containers.

Thermo Cap from Sud-Chemie Australia helps in temperature maintenance. The thermocap does not need any external power or energy source to operate. The Thermo Cap system can be used to protect any pallet or cargo shape and is a low cost, reusable, easy to use product.

Container DRI II from Sud-Chemie Australia helps keep the dew point temperature below the actual temperature.

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