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Desiccant Bags from Sud-Chemie Australia

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Sud-Chemie Australia Pty Limited  offers desiccant bags, including Desi Pak bentonite clay bags, Sorb-It silica gel bags and Tri-Sorb molecular sieve bags. These protect products during shipping and storage.

Desiccant bags absorb moisture, odours and chemicals in order to preserve and protect products. They are ideal for use with semiconductors, electronics, cartons of food or even large machinery.

Whether in storage or transit, products in nearly every industry require protection from moisture. Rust, mildew, mould and an overall decrease in product efficacy are all common effects of moisture. They cost millions in returned or unusable product each year.

Desiccant bags help prevent damage by absorbing moisture in the air. Süd-Chemie’s desiccant bags are packaged in DuPont Tyvek, GDT-II or high-strength polyester rayon materials, all of which are strong, durable and meet FDA specifications.

Sud-Chemie Desiccant Bags are used with a range of products, including:

  • Military instruments and armaments
  • Automotive parts
  • Circuit boards,
  • Granular materials such as flour and sugar
  • Electronic components
  • Semiconductors
  • Machine parts
  • Optical devices

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