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Coloured pencils from Studio Copic

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Studio Copic  supplies a range of Faber Castell Art Grip Aquarelle Coloured Pencils. These pencils work well the COPIC markers for highlighting or blending and come with fully soluble leads. Model Mini AC-100 Compressor from Studio Copic is designed for an avid painter and comes with a motor output of 80 watts and a maximum pressure of 80 psi. The airflow volume of this system is twenty litres per minute. Studio Copic also supplies a range of Air Brushes that can be connected to compressors.

Copic Block Stand - 36 markers allows a painter to house his marker collection. This stand is stackable and can be used with either COPIC or Sketch markers and has a capacity of 36 markers. The Multiliners from Studio Copic is an inking pen that has been designed for outlining marker drawings. These inking pens are black pigment based and are waterproof.

The markers supplied by Studio Copic are available in three styles namely Copic Marker, Wide Marker and Sketch Marker. The Copic markers are available in a wide range of colours. The marker sets that are distributed by Studio Copic comprise of sets of markers ranging from 12 markers to 72 markers. These sets cater to a specific range of colour. Marker sets with a number of different colours are also available.

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