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Studco presents Nelweld N1500I motorised stud welding machine featuring NS-50M gun

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Studco  introduces the Nelweld N1500I motorised stud welding machine featuring the NS-50M gun.
The Nelweld N1500I motorised gun system incorporates programmable motorised lift and plunge technology from Nelson that boosts digital inverter precision to a new level. The Nelweld N1500I is used by quality conscious fabricators to significantly reduce welding process variability, in shipyards with seasonal workforce and by fabricators with high labour turnover or contract workforce.
Featuring a fully programmable lift and plunge adjustment, the new NS-50M gun has a capacity up to and including M12 diameter studs. The gun’s fully programmable weld cycle opens up new potential. The traditional 3 stage ‘Lift, Arc, Plunge cycle’ can now be programmed to execute different tasks including varying or even stepping the velocity of lift and plunge, and also ramping and/or varying the arc amperage through the weld.
An excellent example is the potential of the gun to mimic the preheating of hard face steel by delivering a lower amperage first stage to the weld cycle, thereby eliminating the need for preheating manually. This feature takes the gun set up out of the hands of the inexperienced operator.
In shipyard applications where stud welding work is cyclical, there is no need to have dedicated personnel for the job. Gun and machine requirements such as current and time settings, critical process variables such as gun lift and plunge velocity, acceleration, and deceleration, can now all be pre-programmed into the N1500i digital inverter stud welding machine and NS-50M gun.
Qualified procedures being saved in pre-sets or Stud Expert programs eliminate any reliance on having an experienced operator to set up the gun for each stud in production.
Key features of Nelweld N1500I motorised stud welding machines: 

  • Higher repeatability and quality assurance in the welding process
  • Eliminates the need for an operator in gun adjustment tasks
  • Prevents operator mistakes in gun set-up
  • Less dependency on operator skills and training
  • Quick set-up in stud changeover in production
  • Electronic resettable fuses protect against damage from short circuit in the cable, connector or gun
  • LED indicators for motor status and weld process monitor to alert suspect weld
  • Gun wear monitor alerts user for preventative maintenance
  • 2-year or 1,000,000 weld warranty

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