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Nelson shear connectors now available in Australia from Studco

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Studco  has been announced as the Australian Distributor for the Nelson stud welding product range in Australia.
The Nelson stud welding range includes stud welding machines, threaded arc studs from M8 to M24 diameters and shear connectors from M13 to M25 diameters. Pioneered by Nelson, shear connectors have been recognised for years as one of the most efficient means of achieving interaction between steel beams and concrete slabs in composite construction applications.
Nelson has additionally introduced virtually all of the stud welding improvements that have facilitated the rapid spread of composite construction including the thru-deck stud welding procedure.
The composite beam application consists of three elements including a steel beam, Nelson shear connectors welded to the beam through the deck with a Nelweld 6000 stud welder and a concrete slab.
Nelson shear connectors transfer horizontal shear from slab to beam, causing the two elements to act as a unit, thereby increasing the strength and stiffness of the stud welded shear connector section without using more steel. The deck also minimises deflection, which reduces the amount of concrete required.
Composite design enables savings in steel tonnage by up to 20%, reduces building height and saves on materials with the lighter beams resulting in shallower floor sections. Larger rooms can be constructed with fewer obstructions using longer beams. By facilitating faster building and reduced fabrication costs, Nelson shear connectors help achieve significant time and labour costs.
Nelson shear connectors comply with the Australian Stud Welding Standard AS1554.2 and come with NATA Approved Certification. Studco also provides weld base qualifications and carries a wide range of Nelson shear connectors in stock.

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