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An insight into industrial wear studs

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article image Wear studs are small hardened metal buttons, installed in close formation to form a dense pattern

Wear studs are widely used in the earthmoving and mining industries. Essentially small hardened metal buttons installed in close formation to form a dense pattern, wear studs present a barrier between the product being moved and the base material.

Wear studs are capable of successfully reducing wear on buckets, loaders, crushers, tipper trays, or any surface subject to high abrasion from dirt, rock and ore.

Used in environments that expose machinery to some of the worst wear situations, wear studs extend wear life between 3 and 10 times that of traditional ‘quench and tempered plate’ or ‘hard facing’ solutions. Wear life depends on the material being moved, especially its particle type, hardness and size among many other factors.

Wear studs are required to be installed professionally using purpose built stud welding machines. Studco installs tens of thousands of wear studs every year for clients across Western Australia. Studco also sells stud welding machines to clients for installing wear studs in-house.

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