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Gas Struts Services from Strut Re-gas Townsville

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Strut Re-gas Townsville , now under new management is a franchise specialising in the repair, re-gassing and sale of gas struts throughout North Queensland.  

Mobile Service Technicians from the company can visit homes or offices to repair or replace failed gas struts onsite.  

The company also offers a safe and environmentally friendly strut disposal service.  

Key features of gas struts services:

  • Top quality gas struts and fittings
  • Strut re-gassing service in North Queensland
  • Also available, locks, latches, hinges and dust seals for the automotive and fabrication industry
  • Environmentally friendly gas strut disposal service

The company offers outstanding customer service through:

  • Specialist knowledge and skills
  • Fast and efficient re-gassing of struts
  • An extensive range of quality products
  • Quick and accurate delivery


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