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Struers releases new hexagonal design of abrasive cut-off wheels

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The new hexagonal design of abrasive cut-off wheels is a result of Struers ongoing product development.

The unique 3D surface offers improved cooling performance and easier cleaning of the cut-off machine.

Improved Cooling – Better Quality Cut – Time Saving

The aim in Materialography is to obtain true, undisturbed structure.
Less heat damage due to more efficient cooling is an important step to faster, more reliable preparation results.

The hexagonal pattern is placed on both sides of the cut-off wheel; 3 segments on one side and the same 3 segments on the other side with a displacement of 60°. The water sprayed into the hexagons channel is transported into the cut, thus cooling the work piece more efficiently.

With ordinary cut-off wheels, most of the water is wiped off when the wheel enters the work piece.

The new design is an addition to Struers’ popular existing line in 250 mm diameter and 350mm diameter; 31TRE, 32TRE, 33TRE and 81EXO.

Easier Cleaning

The hexagonal design eliminates problems related to cutting debris, such as overflowing in the cutting chamber. The cutting chamber and cutting table stay clean as the small particles easily are washed away.

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