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Struers introduces ClaroFast hot mounting resin

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article image ClaroFast hot mounting resin

ClaroFast gives you transparent samples with a clear sight to all sample details. At the same time, the new resin is good when it comes to avoiding cracks and cotton balls.

Main features:

  • Clear and uncoloured mounting
  • Easy to work with
  • Low shrinkage
  • Not sensitive to alcohols
  • Not hydroscopic.

ClaroFast hot mounting resin from Struers is an acrylic thermoplastic material without filling materials.

It is recommended to keep the pressure on the mount until it is cool as well as slow cooling to avoid stress cracks.

Using dyes:

Struers Epodye is well suited for use with ClaroFast. The mixing proportions are 0.1 g EpoDye to 100g ClaroFast. The two powders need to be well mixed.

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