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New range of grinding polishing machines available from Struers

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AbraPlan-20 and AbraPol-20 are powerful and fast grinding polishing machines for quality control testing of large specimens or a high volume of specimens.

They are the sample preparation machines in the materialographic market.

  • High capacity and durable grinding and polishing machines for short preparation times
  • Perfectly plane specimens in just 20-30 seconds on a grinding stone or a resin-bonded diamond disc
  • Variable speed on both disc and specimen mover ensure short possible preparation time
  • The performance of the grinding stone is monitored continuously and the automatic dresser keeps the grinding stone perfectly plane and sharp
  • Both machines are equipped with impact resistant and transparent safety shields to secure maximum operator safety
  • 350 mm disc size for faster preparation and larger sample volume
  • Removal rate sensor to monitor the amount of material removed
  • You can preset the amount of material to be removed from 0.0.1 mm to 2.00mm in increments of 10 µm
  • Material removal rate up to 700 N
  • New recirculation cooling for perfect cooling and to avoid heat damage and it also saves water usage
  • Built-in exhaust tube the machine can be connected to an external exhaust system for safe extractions of alcohol fumes if alcohol based consumables are used.
  • Easy to operate without requiring extensive training
  • Easy programming with the 10 Metalog guide methods in the Struers methods; 10 groups with up to 20 methods can be created in the User Methods
  • External LAN module; preparation methods can easily be transferred; Easy download of Scentis lab management system for preparation information.

The AbraPlan-20 and AbraPol-20 grinding polishing machines are available from Struers.

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