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Labotom-3 available from Struers

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Labotom-3, available from Struers, is an option for material graphic laboratories preparing a moderate number of specimens or for sampling stations situated in production units. Labotom-3 is simple to operate and practically no training is needed.

  • Labotom-3 has a powerful 3.0 kW / 3.2 kW cutting motor and a cutting capacity of up to 90 mm (3.5") diameter
  • Cutting table with top surface of stainless steel and integrated T-slots
  • Adjustable cutting handle to suit the height of the operator and the table unit
  • Flush hose for cleaning the cutting chamber
Easy and comfortable operation

Labotom-3 is a compact table-top model for abrasive wet cutting. When opening the large protection guard, there is free access for clamping the work piece and exchange of the cut-off wheel.

The closing of the protection guard activates a hydraulic brake action. Cooling water is applied directly onto the 250 mm (10") dia. cut-off wheel resulting in a good cooling of the cutting area. The spring balanced cutting unit gives a relaxed advance at the start of cutting and a relaxed return when cutting is finished.

After cutting, the cutting chamber can be cleaned with the built-in flush hose. The smooth surface of the base and a large drain (50 mm dia.) make it easy to flush away the swarf produced during cutting.

The position of the cutting handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator and laboratory table. The simple design of Labotom-3 makes it a reliable machine with low maintenance.

Cutting capacity

The projected cutting capacity for a new cut-off wheel is up to 90 mm dia. As work pieces can be placed in various positions on the cutting table, the best utilisation of the cut-off wheel can be achieved, resulting in optimum cutting capacity. Please see graph.

Cutting capability

Struers’ entire range of 250 mm dia. cut-off wheels, including diamond and CBN cut-off wheels, can be used, therefore practically all types of materials can be cut. The ample motor power and efficient cooling system enable fast cutting and perfect, clean cuts.

Flexible clamping of the work piece

The integrated cutting table has three 10 mm Tslots, facilitating the use of universal clamping tools.

Safety features

The cutting motor will not start with the protection guard open. Any attempt to open the guard during cutting results in a safety switch stopping the cutting motor.

A thermal fuse stops the cutting motor in the event of overload. The cut-off machine can be connected to a fume extraction system to vent any harmful fumes produced during cutting.

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