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Emco-Test hardness testing equipment from Struers@Intellection

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Struers@Intellection is the distributor of Emco-Test hardness testing equipment in Australia.

Emco-Test employs decades of experience in the production of standard and special purpose testing machines.

The Emco-Test machines are all modern and conform to all the latest testing procedure norms and standards for Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop all over the world.

As well as serial production of portable and stationary hardness testing machinery with a choice of analogue or digital displays of hardness values, and accessories, all customised hardness testing solutions, user-specific equipment and complex systems are developed and produced with high level of expertise.

The highlights of the Emco-Test product range

  • Load range from 100 grams to 3 tonnes
  • Hardness test methods such as Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Knoop
  • Automatic image evaluation
  • Host and network connection
  • Remote control
  • Integration of automated systems into production process
  • High degree of user friendliness and ease of application
  • Portable hardness testers are also part of the product range

Overview of some of the Emco-Test hardness testers:

N3 series– Hardness Testing Machines for Rockwell-, Brinell-, Vickers- and Plastic Testing

  • For Rockwell hardness testing acc. to standards EN ISO 6508, ASTM E-18
  • Vickers and Brinell by depth difference measurement method HVD, HBD
  • Machine types: N3D with digital display, N3A with analogue dial gauge
  • Different test loads by exchangeable spring sleeves

N3D - Extensive data management & reporting

N3A – For simpler applications

N4 - Portable hardness testers

The tester comprises the test unit N1A 001 inclusive demanded spring sleeve or adjustable test unit and one of the light metal cast C clamps, with quick release spindle. The part to be tested is clamped between the anvil and the test head, after which the load is applied to the indenter. Subsequently the reading is taken from the dial gauge.

V-series (V4C G3 / V5C G3) - For testing of large or heavy parts

Test loads:

  • V4C 250: 9,8 - 2450 N (1 - 250 kgf), V4C 750: 29 - 7350 N (3 - 750 kgf), V5C 300: 196 - 29430 N (20 - 3000 kgf)
  • Testing of large, heavy work pieces up to 3000 kg
  • Vertically moved measurement system with test strokes of approx. 600 mm (test height 700 mm) and a throat depth of 400 mm
  • Complex data management with efficient import and export functions
  • Statistics, histograms and hardness progression graphics can be created
  • Fully automatic evaluation
  • Implementation of customer-specific conveyor system

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