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Cold mounting consumables available from Struers

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Cold mounting, available from Struers, is especially suited for mounting samples that are sensitive to heat or pressure.

Additionally, cold mounting does not require an investment in a mounting press and is therefore good for infrequent mounting tasks. The resin, a mixture of two or three components, is poured over the sample after it has been placed in a mounting cup.

After curing, the sample can be taken out of the cup and processed. Three different types of cold mounting resins are available:

Epoxy resins:
Resins with virtually no shrinkage. Epoxy resins can be used for vacuum impregnation.

Acrylic resins:
Resins with short curing times and moderate shrinkage. The all-round material graphic resins.

Polyester resins:
Economical resins with relatively short curing times.

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