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Struers is the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment and consumables for materialographic surface preparation of solid materials including:

Cut-off wheels, Mounting Resin, Embedding Resin, Magnetic Discs, Grinding Discs, Polishing Disc, MD Cloth, Diamond Suspension, Abrasive, DP-Paste, DP-Stick, Microhardness testing, Hardness tester, Replica, lab management software, Specimen holders, clamps, grinding machine, polishing ... + View more


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29/04/08 - Struers @ Intellection has added a line of cut-off wheels with hexagonal surface pattern.
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09/11/07 - Struers@Intellection is the distributor of Emco-Test hardness testing equipment in Australia.
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26/10/07 - The new hot mounting resin LevoFast has low shrinkage and high removal rate which makes it suitable for mounting of soft and medium hard materials.
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26/10/07 - e-Training is a practical on-line training tool in product installation and operation. The modules consist of teaching videos followed up by self-tests.
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Struers Australia (Head office) Update these details
27 Mayneview Street,
QLD 4064
Tel: +61 7 3512 9600
Fax: +61 7 3369 8200

Struers Australia Brands

Abramin AbraPlan AbraPol AccuStop Accutom AcroDye AcryFix AP-A AP-D Axitom CaldoFix CitoFix ConduFast DiaDuo DiaPro Discotom DP-Lubricant DP-Suspension Duramin DuroFast DuroFix EpoDye Epofix Epovac Exotom-150 FlexiForm IsoFast LaboDoser LaboForce LaboPol LaboPress Labotom LectroPol MD-Allegro MD-Chem MD-Dac MD-Dur MD-Forte MD-Largo MD-Mol MD-Nap MD-Pan MD-Piano MD-Plan MD-Plus MD-Primo MD-System MetaFix Modular Automatic Preparation Systems Movipol MultiFast OP-AA OP-AN OP-S OP-U PCB-Sampler PolyFast PoroFix Premounts Prepamatic ProntoPress RepliSet Scentis Secotom SeriFix SeriForm SpeciFast SpeciFix TargetSystem TegraDoser TegraSystem TenoPol Transpol TrioFix Tripod UniForce Unitom UnoForm ViaSampling System

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