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Market research and competitor research from Strategy and Action

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Strategy and Action  provides a range of services to its clients all over Australia. Some of the services that are provided by Strategy and Action are complete marketing programmes, marketing campaigns, display advertising, market research, competitor research, graphic design, swot analysis, logo design, positioning derivation, website design, publicity and publishing, TV, radio and multimedia ad creation, pay per click advertising campaign management, sales management systems, search engine optimisation reports, plug and play newsletter service and event marketing.

The market research services from Strategy and Action are available as a part of the complete marketing program or a stand alone service. Strategy and Action undertake both qualitative and quantitative research to come out with a solution.

Using these research techniques Strategy and Action gains an insight into the market that their clients is in and the keywords that the market uses this helps in phrasing the key messages. Strategy and Action conducts customer surveys, focus group interactions, customer profiling, and geographic mapping this enables better targeting in a customers advertising campaign.

Strategy and Action helps companies find out their unique selling proposition (USP) finding out an USP helps a company in the market as competitors are not in a position to copy an USP easily. Strategy and Action uses intelligence like market research, competitor research and a SWOT analysis of the client to find out the USP.

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