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Implementation of ERP systems from Strategic Logistics

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Strategic Logistics  is a reputed company that provides quality services to customers in countries like Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Fiji, The Philippines and North America in the field of supply chain management. Strategic Logistics has a number of years of experience in various aspects of supply chain management.

Strategic Logistics provides complete business process remodelling and helps customers implement ERP solutions. The solutions from Strategic Logistics help business achieve their business goals and operational objectives.

Strategic Logistics provides comprehensive services in terms of software implementation to its clients. Some of the software that Strategic Logistics helps implement are Back Office accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning software, Supply Chain Execution software, Warehouse Management Systems software, EDI software, Asset visibility software, Scan packing software, Serial Shipment Container Marking and Advanced Shipment Notice software, FTP and WML software applications for e-commerce transactions, Labour Standards Software and Demand Planning software.

Strategic Logistics also has experience in the implementation of CAD and CAM technologies. Strategic Logistics can handle both the software and hardware sides of CAD and CAM implementation. Strategic Logistics also conducts non value adding analysis services for its clients and helps them enter into strategic alliances with suppliers.

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