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White archive system from Storpac Storage Solutions

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article image Storpac's new white storage box system

White Storpac archive box system Storpac Storage Solutions has released a new product complementing its large range of items for storage and packaging.

The white storage box system replaces the need for metal filing cabinets in storage situations. It has front opening drawers like a filing cabinet, but has the convenience and transportability of archive boxes. The Storpac archive box system simply stacks one on top of the other. If the user needs an item from the bottom archive box the user has to simply open the archive box from the front instead of the traditional top opening lid.

Liz Davies, CEO of Storpac said “the Storpac archive system is white so there is no transfer of print onto the person, who is handling the box or their clothing. If the system is kept at the Storpac storage centre, it would be held in a storage centre, where cleanliness and state of the art features are the norm.” These are front-loading stackable carton system for use in archiving and general storage applications.

The cartons are burst-proof, can be stacked, and have carry handles. Storpac archiving system makes life easy, enabling the user to work more efficiently. Four A4 cartons will fit inside the Storpac archive carton that allows the user to quickly and easily file documents.

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Burst Test: 595 WKC board 1600 KPA
  • Acidity: pH 6.8 -7.0
  • External Box Dimensions (L x B x W): 427 x 380 x 269 mm

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