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Storage boxes available from Storpac Storage Solutions

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article image Storage boxes strong enough make furniture

The storage boxes, available from Storpac Storage Solutions , have been found to be strong enough to make decorative tables, stands and shelving. Larger the box size, it is more likely to filled up to the limit suitable for easy moving or lifting for the boxes.

The maximum box size recommended is based on the old plywood tea chest used to import tea from Ceylon and China. The largest of a range of storage boxes is called a ‘Tea Chest’, which measures 430 mm x 406 mm x 596 mm.

Storage boxes can increase valuable space by reducing clutter footprint. A little effort can deliver benefits by using a simple process containing the following three steps: 

  • Gear can be sorted by category
  • The things which have not been used for years can be sold or simply thrown away. Each category can be stored in its own box or boxes (suitably labelled, top and sides)
  • Gear can be stored away ready to use and it should be ensured that the items are clean and protected before storing

Hints to help dishes and glassware survive the move

A layer of packing can be placed inside the bottom, top and sides of cartons containing breakables. The delicate items can be protected by wrapping them individually in packing paper (newsprint can be very messy and possibly stain). Nest cups and bowls, stand plates, saucers, platters, casseroles can be placed on their edges. The gaps in the cartons can be filled with packing e.g. scrunched paper, foam beads or linen. Thus, the fragile items will be protected well and can be prevented from moving around in the cartons whilst in transit. All boxes containing fragile items can be labelled. Placing heavy items on top can be avoided. A good quality packing tape can be used to seal the boxes securely.

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