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Water filtration systems from Stornoway Water

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Stornoway Water  is the water treatment and filtration division of Stornoway, a company with thirty years of experience in proving quality infrastructure solutions to the Australian market. Stornoway Water helps people manage water one of the key natural resources in our planet. Effective water management is a key way to provide water to all people in a country like Australia where water is a scare commodity.

Stornoway Water has undertaken a lot of research to develop its line of water treatment solutions. This has led to the development of some cutting edge wastewater products. This ensures that these products last for a long time and provide years of quality services. Installing and using these products provides benefits for the clients, the general community and the future generations.

Stornoway Water is involved in the design and manufacture of quality packaged water treatment systems. Stornoway Water has also developed a range of packaged water recycling systems. The water treatment solutions developed by Stornoway Water have been widely used in a number of industries and in commercial applications all over Australia. Recently Stornoway Water undertook the construction of a wastewater system for a 600-person accommodation camp in a mine in Queensland.

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