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Wastewater treatment solutions from Stornoway Water

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The Aqeo MBR is a membrane bioreactor system from Stornoway Water . The Aqeo MBR produces quality recycled water (ClassA/A+), that is suitable for uncontrolled reuse including in many application like ground irrigation, process washdown and toilet flushing. The Aqeo MBR is a membrane bioreactor system is a suspended growth activated sludge system that uses microporous membranes for solid and liquid separation.

The Aqeo MBR incorporates a biological treatment process that uses extended aeration. This in combination with ultra-filtration membranes, produce high quality recycled water. The incorporation of flow balancing into the design of the plant enables the plant to absorb the daily peaks, while the normal water treatment processes are undertaken. This allows the plant to spread the working load over the day resulting in better quality of output.

The Aqeo MBR from Stornoway Water provides optimum water treatment and completely removes solids, as well as filters a very high percentage of bacteria and viruses. The Aqeo MBR is widely used in the mining, exploration and construction industries, resorts, commercial and industrial property developments, residential developments and in rural communities.

Some of the other products that are manufactured by Stornoway Water are Aqeo UF (ultra filtration systems) and Aqeo AS (activated sludge systems) both these systems are widely used in a number of application in a number of industries in Australia.

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