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Supa Eliminator Air Dryers from Storkawd

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A new economical line of air dryers from Storkawd is designed to completely eliminate moisture from the air in various industrial environments, preventing problems such as humidity blisters and air line contamination.

Record rainfall and high humidity conditions highlight the need to maintain and upgrade workshop compressed air systems. Often overlooked, a well planned maintenance and upgrade program for the compressor pump and all inline filters is essential.

Air compressors produce compressed air and moisture, the latter a result of the mechanics of compressing air wherein friction is created by forcing air through an orifice. The friction causes heat, transforming any moisture in the compressed air into gas, which condenses when the air cools down.

The amount of condensation produced will vary based on prevailing weather conditions, type of compressor (piston or screw) and geographical position.

Clean dry air reduces the risk of paint problems such as humidity blisters, lowering need for costly reworks and air tool maintenance or replacement. With the advent of waterborne paint products, clean dry air assists the drying cycle.

Air line contamination prevents in-line service units and systems performing to their optimum capabilities.

Supa Eliminator air dryers from Storkawd are moisture eliminating systems consisting of an ultra-absorbent desiccant chemical that delivers moisture-free biodegradable super dry air, which will not support bacteria.

Supa Eliminator air dryers are available for compressors up to 74Kva (100hP).

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