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Storage Ideas designs warehouse storage layout for Linde Refrigeration

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article image In the real world, loads come in a variety of awkward shapes and sizes

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Storage Ideas designed the warehouse layout for Linde Refrigeration at their new facility in Sydney, New South Wales. Linde Refrigeration is a manufacturer of freezer and chiller showcases for supermarkets and small stores.

Linde Refrigeration gave Storage Ideas a specific brief of requirements for storing refrigeration cabinets, based on their experience throughout the world. The company needed to maximise the available space and use all airspace in its 8m high 2000m² warehouse.

The client also required the racking to be designed to allow the cabinets to be put away and accessed by a special Linde forklift, without any damage whatsoever. This forklift was custom-fitted with a special lifting attachment and a mast capable of extending to 8m. Each rack bay needed to be sized and designed to carry loads of up to 2000kg.

Storage Ideas designed the warehouse layout to maximise storage while allowing easy forklift access to every bay. The application of both selective and double-deep racking in a three-storey configuration provided Linde with the necessary storage capacity. Additionally, the precise clearances aided by custom-made fork spacer bars minimise damage to the load during operation.

Linde Refrigeration is very happy with its new world-class storage facility, which delivers several benefits in everyday operation.

Non-Pallet Storage

Storage Ideas offers raised storage areas using Colbyracks that double the floor space quickly and inexpensively. The freestanding raised storage areas can be decked with a wide range of flooring materials to suit application and budget.

Colbyrack A-frames provide an economical and space-efficient means to store long loads.

Hardware Storage

Cartons, neatly stacked on pallets are ideal loads for pallet racking; however, in the real world, loads come in a variety of awkward shapes and sizes. Lengths of timber and piping to fragile goods such as sinks and toilet bowls are just some of the real-life storage problems that can be solved using Colbyrack.

Cantilever racks are recommended for storing long and heavy items such as steel or timber that pose a different storage problem to conventional pallets. Used in conjunction with specialised handling machines capable of lifting and placing wide loads, Colby cantilever racks provide strong, reliable and space-effective storage.

Archive Storage

Colbyrack can be used as heavy-duty long span shelving for cost effective storage of archive boxes, with optional stepped beams allowing particle boards to be flush-mounted for strength, rigidity, and space efficiency.

Carpet Storage

Carpet is another difficult product to store and handle; however, Colby offers a suitable solution.

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