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Colby Drive-In pallet racking system

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Colby Central has launched a new Colby Drive-In pallet racking system, the result of 3 years research and development, and representing a step change in the way drive-in racks are designed.

Many drive-in racks on the market make use of components originally designed for standard selective pallet racking and therefore, are not optimised for the specific demands of a drive-in system.

The new Colby Drive-In rack has been specifically developed from the ground up for drive-in pallet storage.

The basic concept of the new system is the use of wider uprights, deeper frames, and other larger and stronger components, which are therefore, fewer in number compared to traditional systems.

The result is a greater load carrying capacity, better structural integrity and improved performance at a lower cost. Another benefit of the new modular system is that the Colby Drive-In rack is easier and quicker to install than existing drive-in racking.

The proper structural design of drive-in rack is a complicated process, and every Colby Central drive-in rack solution is custom-designed to meet the individual project requirements, in terms of pallet size and load, warehouse design and materials handling equipment to be used.

All custom designs are carried out using Colby Rackman software, ensuring a cost effective solution for any application can be determined, with complete assurance as to the design, integrity and safety of the system.

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