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Case study: Hazardous chemicals storage and racking

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Storage Ideas was commissioned to provide a complete storage solution at a new warehouse facility for Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals.

Located at Seven Hills in Sydney, New South Wales, the new warehouse facility was designed by Process Design and Fabrication (PDF), which prepared the design brief for Storage Ideas.

With the prime requirement being to maximise the cubic capacity of the warehouse, PDF's brief to Storage Ideas also included special weight limits and providing chemical corrosion protection to the racks. Storage Ideas was also required to apply labels to each shelf and pallet position.

Colby Selective Racking

Storage Ideas used Colby Selective Racking throughout the warehouse, with the shelving strategically positioned to house smaller items. The use of a man-up turret truck minimised aisle space requirement while providing the operator the flexibility to pick full pallets or single cases.

Colby's superior phosphate cleaning and powder-coated finish provided satisfactory protection to reduce the effects of corrosion on the racking.

Pallet support beams were specially sized to fit the requirements for this project, and the use of heavy-duty baseplates ensured the critical vertical alignment was achieved. Lockable cages with sliding gates were also designed to enclose the racking where bonded or special hazardous chemicals were stored.

VNA (Turret) Racking

Very Narrow Aisle Selective Rack is best suited for a minimum of 1000 to 2000 pallets, with a moderate movement rate across a wide variety of product lines.

Storage Ideas used specialised turret trucks and automatic stacker cranes (AS/RS) to operate in aisles not much wider than the load itself. A very flat floor is necessary for the safe operation of turret trucks and automatic stacker cranes.

Although the capital cost of the storage and materials handling equipment typically increases with such systems, this is generally offset by savings in land and building costs.

Key features of VNA storage systems include: height limited by building or operating constraints; aisle width of around 1400mm; immediate access to all pallets; and turret trucks used for pallet and case picking.

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