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Electrical equipment testing and tagging services from Stopshock

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The electrical equipment testing and tagging services that are undertaken by Stopshock help promote workplace equipment safety and reduce the chances of hazards to the health of the employees. The comprehensive services of Stopshock ensures that customers have a concise idea about the condition of their 240 volt electrical equipment, when is a service for the equipment due and what are the equipment that pose a threat to the safety of the workers. The services of Stopshock comply with all the requirements of the AS/NZS 3760:2003 standard.

Stopshock conducts comprehensive testing services for electrical equipment. The testing services from Stopshock conducts an external inspection of the equipment and the connecting facilities like supply lines. Stopshock also conducts insulation testing that tests for insulation resistance and leakage current. Stopshock also conduct tests that check for the conformation of the polarity of the live connections in cord extension sockets and cord sets with re-wireable plugs.

Some of the equipment that Stopshock tests are extension leads, electric power tools, power boards, kitchen appliances, computers, printers, fax machines, monitors, televisions, video recorders, data projectors, DVD players, electronic whiteboards, vacuum cleaners, phone chargers, laptop chargers, floor polishers, hair dryers, hair clippers, portable heaters and a range of other equipment.

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