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Security glass systems from Stop Shot International

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The Stop Shot system that has been developed by Stop Shot International is a patented system that transforms an ordinary glass into a security glass that provides security from both blasts and ballistic attacks. The stop shot system can be upgraded to a higher rating system as per the changing threat perceptions. Stop Shot International can provide glass all the way up to R2, a 7.6 calibre rating glass.

The Stop Shot security glass systems can be built in such a way so as to match the external facia of the building that it is installed in. the Stop Shot system has even been installed in a number of heritage structures.

The Stop Shot system from Stop Shot International meets all the regulatory standards both in Australia as well as many major international standards. The Stop Shot system complies with the A/NZS2343 for bullet resistant glazing, NIJ 0108.01, in the USA, BS 5051 in the United Kingdom for protecting from blasts.

The major ballistic standards that the Stop Shot security systems meet are GSA (Government Services Association, USA), level 2 safety status and level 4 safety status, European Hazard standard rating and the Low Hazard Band Rating of the European Hazard standard.

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