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Ballistic and blast resistant glass systems from Stop Shot International

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Stop Shot International  is a well established company that provides a range of security solutions to the Australian market. The security solutions that are manufactured by Stop Shot International provide a lot of security to the users of the products.

Stop Shot International supplies a range of ballistic and blast resistant glass systems. These systems provide security to the users from bullets and even bomb blasts. The Stop Shot system that has been developed by Stop Shot International is a patented system that transforms an ordinary glass into a security glass that provides security from both blasts and ballistic attacks.

The Stop Shot security glass is manufactured using quality raw materials this ensures that these provides security to the customers for a long time and are cost effective in the long run. The professionals at Stop Shot International work closely with their clients to provide quality products and services that are customised to their needs.

The Stop Shot system from Stop Shot International is a glass that has been designed to provide triple benefits of intruder, ballistic and blast protection. The Stop Shot system is applicable in any facing threats from crime, terrorism, violent weather, industrial accidents and vandalism like airports, banks, embassies, media areas, icon buildings, police stations, key infrastructure, watch houses, prisons, cash points and industrial machinery areas.

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