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Stainless Steel XL manway door from Stirlings Australia

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Researched and developed from information received from the Australian winemakers and tank manufacturers, the XL door is designed for the Australian market, by the Australians that use them.

Extra large access – at 550mm x 450mm the XL door allows more practical access for large tanks.

Better insulation – Elevated hinge on the XL Door provides almost full use of the side of the frame for insulation, so more the tank can be insulated where it is needed.

FIASS AbsoluteSeal System - While seals are wrapped around the edge of the door, exposing them to the elements and early wear and tear, the FIASS AbsoluteSeal System's innovative design places the seal, and only, where it is effective, within the groove and thus allowing a stronger permanent seal while ensuring long lasting durability. Because of this, no matter how the frame lies, the FIASS AbsoluteSeal system ensures a good seal and what is more, because it is in the groove, the seal does not require any adhesive and can be removed and replaced if required.

High Quality Construction – Constructed with a keen eye to detail, each XL door is made to last and give the user practicality, aesthetic appeal, efficiency and value for money.

Stirlings Australia is a large stockist of top quality stainless steel manway doors in Australia. Combined with competitive prices this quality range of manways doors is claimed to be good in the Australian market.

Stirlings Australia also carries its unique stainless steel hygienic ball valves and stainless steel hygienic butterfly valves for a one stop solution for a wide range of stainless steel product needs.

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