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Stevco Seals and Pumps offers a wide range of pumps and seals

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Stevco Seals and Pumps  supplies complete pump set, bare shaft pump, and rotating pumps using the equipment selected by the customer. Qualified technicians from Stevco Seals and Pumps install the pumps. The features of these pumps include progressive cavity, submersible, mixer, gear pump, cutter, agitator, screw pumps and diaphragm.

Stevco Seals and Pumps supplies mechanical seals manufactured from different kinds of standard mechanical seals and engineered cartridge seals designed according to the needs of customer. Mechanical seals are available in various types which includes Type M3, MG1, and BT.

Stevco Steals and Pumps' Type M3 is used in cleaning water, sewage, submersible and chemical pumps which also apply to oil, water and weak corrosive solutions. Type MG1 is used where a secondary elastomer seal can be used and Type BT is easy to install, can be repaired readily and is used for water and submersible pumps.

Stevco Steals and Pumps is also the distributor of Teadit's range of packing and gasketing. Teadit is an accredited brand and all their products are of high quality. Gaskets are available in different forms including NA 1002 which is used for general purpose and is bound with aramid fibres. Teadit 24 SH is a multi directionally expanded sheet. NA 1100 are carbon fibres and graphite bound by high grade gasket sheet.

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