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Chemical cleaning solutions from Stephenson Applied Services

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Stephenson Applied Services  specialises in providing cost effective water treatment solutions. These water treatment solutions include integrated boiler, wastewater treatment as well as cooling programs, cooling tower sterilisation as well as cleaning, mechanical servicing of gas chlorination equipment, cleaning as well as disinfection of portable water storage tanks and hydrotherapy pool servicing in conjunction with chemical as well as biological testing and analysis.

Stephenson Applied Services also provides chemical cleaning solutions. These chemical cleaning solutions are available at cost effective rates. Different chemicals removed by Stephenson Applied Services include oil, paints, grease, carbonaceous deposits and scales. Stephenson Applied Services ensures to provide quality water treatment solutions and has been involved in this business for about 25 years.

Chemical, biological and mechanical water treatment solutions from Stephenson Applied Services include carbon absorption, ion exchange, softening, water reuse systems, UV technology, desalination and skid mounted as well as containerised packaged plants. Stephenson Applied Services has been allied with various organisations such as Aeries, Nowra Chemicals and Ecological International. Stephenson Applied Services employs the usage of advanced wastewater treatment systems. These advanced wastewater treatment systems include RGF water recycling system, RGF biosorb digester module, centrifugal separator and H.E.C.S high efficiency system. Aqua separation technologies used for industrial as well as commercial water treatment include Induced Cyclonic separators and new generation of DAF technology. The water treatment solutions from Stephenson Applied Services comply with quality standards.

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