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Step Global supplies compact TrimTrac Pro asset monitoring devices

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article image A number of hardware options can optionally be fitted to TrimTrac Pro asset monitoring devices to enhance their suitability for particular application requirements

TrimTrac Pro asset monitoring devices, now stocked by Step Global , provide a compact and lightweight solution for asset monitoring that requires little to no installation when used in a battery powered configuration.

To operate, users can simply insert an activated SIM card and batteries into these asset monitoring devices, upon which they are ready to start reporting positions to a designated SMS or GPRS destination address.

Reports are sent at 15 minute intervals using the default configuration, with status messages sent once every 12 hours when the device is at rest.

Providing truly versatile usage, these asset trackers will self-initialise and start transmitting when they are turned on anywhere in the world if an authorised GSM network is available.

Key capabilities of TrimTrac Pro asset monitoring devices include:

  • intelligent motion-based reporting
  • runtime meters
  • onboard geo-fencing
  • scheduled hours of operation
  • start/stop reporting
  • speed monitoring
  • exception alert reporting; and
  • over-the-air programmability.

A number of different hardware options are available to enhance the suitability of TrimTrac Pro devices to particular application requirements. These options include a miniature external GPS antenna that allows for more discrete, protected installation.

Two plug-in modules are also available which provide connection to an external 9-32 VDC power supply, eliminating the need to change batteries.

In addition, the control module on these asset monitoring devices provides two outputs that can be used to control other on-board devices or systems, such as door locks, immobilisers and remote start systems.

Sample target applications for TrimTrac Pro asset monitoring devices include:

  • unpowered asset monitoring
  • loss Prevention and security
  • untethered trailer tracking
  • vehicle track and trace
  • equipment management; and
  • fixed asset monitoring.

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