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GPS Disciplined clock from Step Global

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Step Global  is one of the authorised Trimble Navigation Advanced Devices Dealer for Embedded GPS, timing modules and products and also has access to the comprehensive engineering support team. Step Global is also an authorised dealer for Canadian base high performance and quality specialist GPS antenna manufacturer for Wi-Sys Communications. The featured timing GPS product from Step Global consists of GPS Embedded PVT modules, GPS Antennas, product starter kits and ref boards, GPS precise timing solutions, smart GPS antennas, dual band GPS antennas, GPS disciplined clocks, combined GPS receivers or antennas, Quad band GPS antennas.

The GPS for timing series from Step Global consists of Thunderbolt E, Mini T, Acutime Gold, Resolution T, Acutime 2000 Kit. The embedded GPS for position comprises of Copernicus, BD 950, Lassen SK II, Lassen DR+GPS, Lassen SQ, Lassen IQ. GPS Antennas from Step Global includes varieties such as Trimble and WiSys. The Trimble variety provided by Step Global consists of Magnetic Mount 5V, Magnetic Mount 3V, Hard Mount and Bullet III. The WiSys from Step Global comprises of WS 3977, WS 3910, WS 3914, WS 3940, WS 3942, WS 3954, WS 3950/60.

Thunderbolt E includes features such as ovenized quartz oscillator that provides stable 10 MHz (1 PPS) signal to maximizes bandwidth, combined GPS receiver and ovenized oscillator minimizes size and cost, high volume manufacturing provides reliable low-cost products RoHs Compliant (Pb free). Disciplined clock is one of the Trimble’s latest offerings for GPS synchronization devices that are targeting the wireless infrastructure. This is one of the fifth-generation GPS clock that combines a 12-channel GPS receiver, and a high quality ovenized oscillator on a single board, control circuitry, providing increased reliability and integrity at a lower size and cost.

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