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GPS Antenna available from Step Global

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Trimble Bullet III GPS Antenna provided by Step Global has high performance in any environment, waterproof, weatherproof, resists harsh RF jamming, proven extra rugged reliable, available with choice of TNC or F-type connector, 5 volt (TNC & F) or 3.3 volt (TNC) options and ROHS compliant). The antennas is completely waterproof packed and are designed to withstand exposure to shock, extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, rain, snow and sunlight. The dome is all plastic, and the threaded socket in the base of the antenna is corrosion resistant.

Trimble's Hardmount Antenna offers a through-the-hole mount antenna for Trimble's Lassen SK II GPS receiver boards or any other board that can drive a 5vdc active antenna. Trimble's Hardmount Antenna is housed in a rugged, low-profile package, compact and is also well suited to mobile positioning applications. The WS3910 GPS antenna provided by Step Global features a custom designed ceramic patch element that minimizes detuning effects caused by adjacent objects. This element, along with a low noise amplifier and SAW filter, enables the WS3910 to offer a consistent, clear signal while minimizing loss-of-lock if GPS conditions are less than ideal. With a magnetic base and threaded holes for mounting screws, WS3910 GPS antenna is well suited for vehicle mounted AVL applications.

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