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Software Equipments from Step Electronics

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Step Electronics  focus on making equipments and softwares used in satellites and wireless communication. Step Electronics is a division of the company Hills Industries Ltd. Step Electronics concentrate on manufacturing equipments that are used in communications systems, developing software for microwave , satellite and digital communications.

Step Electronics has a wide range of Satcom hardwares. Their products include Satcom antennas,satellite modems, and RF amplifiers. Satcom antennas include V-SAT Antennas ,Receive Only Antennas ,Medium to Large Earth Station Antennas,Flyway Antennas,SNG Antennas ,Beacon/Tracking Receivers and Antenna Control Systems.

The different models include VertexRSI 1.2-meter Quick Deploy Motorized Antenna (QDMA) , VertexRSI lightweight 1.5-meter motorized flyaway antenna, and the VertexRSI lightweight 2.4-meter flyaway antenna.

Digital satellite modems are also available in different ranges including the Comtech EF Data’s SLM-5650 Satellite Modem,CDM-710 Broadcast Satellite Modem ,and CDM-700 high-speed satellite modem.

The range of IP products include IP Satellite Modems ,IP Encapsulators, DVB Receivers ,Performance Enhancement Proxies (PEP) ,DVB-RCS Products and Digital Signage.

The RF amplifiers include SSPAs, LNAs, BUCs, and Transceivers. The frequency converters available from Step Electronics include Synthesized and Fixed Freq Converters and Block Converters.

A wide range of modem accessories ,Vipersat Network products, Digital video broadcasting products are also available from Step Electronics.

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