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Electrical solutions provided by Steloni

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Steloni  offers a range of electrical products to provide 12V and 240V power in low demand applications. Some of the electrical products supplied by Steloni include garden lighting systems, shed lighting systems, pumps, UPS systems, gate lights and so on. Th electrical products provided by Steloni can be used during camping, around the garden or for remote applications.

Steloni also offers a range of stand alone camp site power systems, RV trickle charging systems, caravan and camper power systems. From simple lighting and small AC power supplies to larger systems, the power supply solutions provided by Steloni helps to run even fridge independently of customer’s vehicle.

Steloni also provides a range of other electrical products which include battery based systems, charging systems, folding panels and so on. Under battery based systems, Steloni offers a wide range of systems with standard configurations. Some of the battery based systems provided by Steloni include PSB19A14, PSS50A20, PSL65A40 and so on. The PSB19A14 provided by Steloni is integrated with many features which include basic jump start battery pack with 2 standard lighter sockets and charger.

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