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Understanding carpet cleaning equipment

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Available in a wide range of options, carpet cleaners are employed to improve the cleanliness, hygiene and visual appearance of carpeted surfaces in commercial, residential and educational environments.

Carpet cleaning equipment is used by professional cleaning contractors to clean carpets in homes, offices, schools, stores and various business establishments. Clean carpets can greatly enhance the visual appearance of any household or office.

Different types of carpet cleaning equipment: 

Carpet extractors

Carpet extractors get rid of the dirt and dust on the outer surface of carpets and also penetrate deep into the carpet to expertly reduce the amount of dirt trapped in the inner fibres. These carpet cleaners destroy bacteria, germs, dust mites and allergens that thrive in the carpet, to improve indoor air quality and overall health.

Portable carpet cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including rugs, drapes, upholstery, staircases and curtains. Combining powerful suction with rapid drying times, these carpet cleaners remove impurities that have been ground into the carpet due to regular and heavy foot traffic.

Truck mount carpet cleaners

Truck mount carpet cleaners combine heavy pressure with heat and strong vacuum power to deep clean carpets. One of the most powerful carpet cleaners available, truck mounts can restore old and dull looking carpets by lifting the deep dirt out and bringing the fibres springing back to life. 

Steamaster Australia offers a wide range of carpet cleaners to suit varied cleaning demands.

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