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Tile cleaning equipment from Steamaster Australia

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Steamaster Australia  offers a range of tile cleaning machines for commercial and industrial applications.  

Tile cleaning equipment available in the market offers a wide range of options that may be confusing for the buyer. It is important for businesses to invest in a machine that suits their specific needs, especially the type of cleaning jobs that will be undertaken.  

Tile cleaning machines are primarily available in truck mount and portable options. While truck mount cleaners are often more powerful, portable cleaners offer a high level of mobility and flexibility.  

Truck Mount Tile Cleaning Equipment  

Truck mount tile cleaning machines are heavy duty in design and ideal for professionals and cleaning experts. Designed to be mounted in trucks, the tile cleaning equipment can handle large spaces while offering ease of use and reliability.  

Requiring very little maintenance, truck mount tile cleaners are ideal for cleaning contractors needing to use them on a regular basis. The machines are built to a high standard with specific features that aim to reduce the chances of damage in transit.  

User-friendly operation is supported by intuitive control panels that allow the operators to concentrate on getting the job done efficiently.  

Portable Tile Cleaning Equipment  

Ideal for cleaning contractors requiring a mobile option, portable tile cleaning machines can easily be transported to the site and are specifically designed for superior mobility as well as ease of use.  

Portable tile cleaning machines can efficiently clean large surface areas, tackling dirt and grime on tiles and other hard surfaces. Designed to keep costs low, the machines also require reduced effort from the operators, maximising productivity levels. 

Despite their levels of mobility, portable machines can produce an impressive level of power for assured clean finishes, making them highly popular among cleaning contractors and specialist cleaning professionals as well as in warehouses, commercial premises and industrial complexes.

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