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Street sweepers from Steamaster Australia for rapid and effective cleaning

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Commercial cleaning equipment specialist, Steamaster Australia explains the efficacy of street sweepers on city streets.  

Street sweepers are designed for rapid and effective cleaning, and offer several advantages in street cleaning operations.  

In addition to efficient removal of pollutants, street sweepers allow quick return on investment for businesses by increasing cleaning productivity and reducing cleaning time.  

Street sweepers play an integral role in maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness of businesses facilities and public areas with their powerful engines sweeping up tons of debris, dirt and rubbish each year. Steamaster offers a range of street sweepers to suit varying requirements.  

Key benefits of street sweepers:  

  • User-friendly operation eliminates need to waste time and money in training new employees to operate the machines
  • In-built safety features ensure that operators and the public are kept safe
  • Powerful engines allow excellent sweeping widths
  • Body and chassis parts built to very high specification, ensuring key internal elements are protected
  • Durable and long-lasting machines require minimal maintenance and service costs
  • Extremely effective in removing pollutants near the source, preventing them from entering local natural water sources
  • Improves the quality of stormwater runoff


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