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Steamaster industrial scrubbers for warehouse cleaning

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Steamaster Australia  offers different types of industrial scrubbers suitable for cleaning warehouses.

Warehouses are large industrial spaces that accumulate dirt, dust, grease and debris on a daily basis. Keeping them clean is an arduous task that can be simplified with the use of industrial scrubbers.

Steamaster industrial scrubbers keep warehouse flooring spotless and free of hazardous substances, sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming the surfaces to keep them safe, healthy and productive for staff and customers.

Steamaster industrial scrubbers for warehouses include ride-on scrubbers, walk-behind scrubbers and stand-up scrubbers.

Ride-On Scrubbers

The most commonly used scrubber model for warehouse cleaning, ride on scrubbers are specifically designed to clean large, expansive areas efficiently and quickly. Designed for heavy duty cleaning, these scrubbers can eliminate contaminants from hard surfaces and also remove grease, oil, caulk, resins, glues or rust. The ride-on design prevents operator fatigue, allowing staff to carry out cleaning work for longer periods of time so that the warehouse can be completely cleaned at one go.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Walk-behind scrubbers are fast and powerful, providing cleaning staff with a quicker and easier way to clean floors in small to medium sized areas in a warehouse facility. The low noise operation allows cleaning work to be done even during the day time and in noise-sensitive areas. Walk behind scrubbers are ideal for stone floors, rubber flooring, smooth concrete, laminate surfaces and vinyl tiles.

Stand-Up Scrubbers

Stand-up scrubbers are designed for the operator to stand on a platform and steer the machine around the area to be cleaned. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as small and narrow spaces that would be too inaccessible for ride-on and walk-behind models, stand-up scrubbers are also dual-function machines that can simultaneously sweep, scrub and vacuum warehouse floors to leave them practically spotless.

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