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Steamaster explains the advantages of pressure cleaners for businesses

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Cleaning equipment specialist Steamaster Australia explains that pressure washers offer several benefits to businesses from both financial and hygiene perspectives.  

Key advantages of owning pressure cleaners include portability, manoeuvrability, application range, reduced labour requirement and cost savings. Pressure cleaners also help the business achieve sustainability goals through reduced need for harsh chemicals, less water usage and lower waste generation.  


Pressure cleaners are available in electric as well as gas and diesel models. Electric pressure cleaners deliver good performance in areas where extension cords will not cause a hazard. Electric models also work well in confined areas for reasons such as quiet operation and zero exhaust.  

Gas and diesel pressure cleaners produce exhaust emissions and more noise, making them better suited for well-ventilated outdoor areas. However, both fuel-driven pressure cleaners are portable and powerful.  

Adjustable pressure

Pressure can be adjusted in pressure cleaners to meet specific cleaning requirements, increasing the efficiency, which in turn translates into higher productivity levels.  

Cost efficiency

Pressure cleaners have a versatile application range, enabling the cleaning of multiple surfaces using a single device. Although pressure washers require an initial investment, the ROI is quick thanks to their functional efficiency, lower labour requirement, less cleaning time and reduced need for harsh chemicals.

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