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Steamaster Typhoon 1525 DES silent pressure washers

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The Typhoon 1525 DES silent pressure washers from Steamaster Australia are a range of heavy duty, diesel-driven, hot water pressure washers that keep noise levels to a minimum during operation.

Designed for a number of applications in everyday industrial operations, especially where hot water is required independent of a local mains supply, these cleaning machines deliver powerful performance, resulting in higher flow rates and increased water pressure.

Steamaster Typhoon 1525 DES diesel powered pressure washers meet the requirements of environments that seek a versatile, powerful and reliable machine to cater for a multitude of cleaning tasks.

The pressure washer’s large fuel tank capacity and low fuel consumption ensure higher productivity as time is not wasted in going back and forth to fill the tank. Designed for simple operation, Steamaster Typhoon 1525 DES silent pressure washers help complete difficult cleaning jobs such as graffiti management and removing industrial stains in a really short time.

The low noise operation of the Steamaster pressure washer makes it perfect for night-time cleaning and working in noise-sensitive areas, which is not possible with conventional diesel-powered cleaners.

Key features of Steamaster Typhoon 1525 DES silent pressure washers:

  • Fuel tank capacity of 63 litres and fuel consumption of just 6.5 litres per hour
  • Equipped with a good quality fuel filter and water separator that eliminates risk of contaminated diesel
  • Lightweight design at 450kg
  • User-friendly dimensions make it highly manoeuvrable, easier to transport between job sites and also allow easy storage
  • Powered by a Hatz 1D81C silent diesel engine, which provides 10kw of power
  • Water flow rate of 15 litres per hour, delivering over 3,600 pounds/inch² of water pressure
  • Insulated steel frame designed to absorb and reduce noise, resulting in a decibel rating of only 74 dB(A)
  • Powerful heating system and adjustable temperature of up to 130°C
  • Flexible drive system allows smooth operation
  • Efficient and durable triplex ceramic plunger pump increases reliability

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