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Steamaster Australia offers different types of sweepers

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Steamaster Australia  is a specialist provider of a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment.  

Steamaster Australia supplies a comprehensive range of sweepers for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Sweepers are available in different models with varying features and benefits.   

Street sweepers

Street sweepers are highly versatile cleaning machines that can be used in various industrial and commercial areas. Designed primarily for cleaning city streets, street sweepers can also be used for smaller areas such as parking lots, loading bays, footpaths and sidewalks.  

These sweepers offer simple maintenance, user-friendly controls, quiet operation and compact design for easy handling.  

Ride-on sweepers

Slightly smaller than street cleaning machines, ride on sweepers are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and can be employed to clean small areas such as elevators or large areas including car parks and warehouses.  

The time-saving ride-on sweepers are designed to sweep, scrub and dry in a single pass with the ability to pick up large debris. A high capacity dust filter system is especially useful when working indoors.  

Ride-on sweepers are available in diesel, petrol or battery-operated models and are designed compactly with user-friendly operation and simple maintenance.  

Walk-behind sweepers

Designed as powerful brooms, walk behind sweepers are ideal for efficient cleaning of areas where brooms may be generally used. These sweepers can pick up various types of debris such as nails, screws and paper and can be used in areas such as gas stations and warehouse floors.  

Walk-behind models are light and compact, making them ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places and are also suitable for cleaning carpets. The extra quiet operation allows their use in daytime cleaning of offices, libraries and nursing homes.

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