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Selecting pressure washers for auto detailing

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Steamaster Australia  lists out a few important points to help make an informed decision when selecting pressure washers for auto detailing.

When purchasing pressure washers for auto detailing, a thorough understanding of the specifications of these cleaning machines is required.

Pressure washers are preferred for auto detailing applications due to their high powered flow of water that quickly and thoroughly cleans grease, dirt, bird droppings and other unsightly material from the exterior of motor vehicles.

Pressure washers with low pressure levels are ideal for auto detailing as high pressure levels can scratch and damage the external paint surface of motor vehicles.

Pressure washers for professional auto detailing should be easy to transport. These machines must be easy to mount on a truck or trailer. Additionally, truck mount pressure washers should be compact to allow additional equipment to be easily fitted in mobile car wash stations. 

Water efficiency of pressure cleaners is a key requirement as it not only saves on water usage but also reduces problems with drainage and run off areas.

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