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Rotary scrubbers from Steamaster Australia

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Commercial cleaning equipment specialist, Steamaster Australia lists out the benefits of rotary scrubbers in floor cleaning applications.

Regular floor cleaning not only helps maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment, but also generates important health benefits.

Rotary scrubbers are highly versatile floor cleaners that can eliminate dirt and grime from floors and can clean multiple surfaces from concrete to carpeting. The versatility of these floor scrubbers consolidates major cleaning operations into a single efficient project.

Key advantages of rotary scrubbers:

  • Cleans multiple surfaces including concrete patios, warehouse floors, parking areas, walkways and garages
  • Reduces the presence of oils, grease and chemicals that pose slip and fall hazards
  • Eliminates biological contamination from germs, mould, spores and other allergens that thrive on floors
  • Cleans large areas such as showrooms, shopping centres, hospitals, factories and schools quickly
  • Can simultaneously strip, polish and scrub floors
  • Multifunctional cleaning abilities help save costs
  • Can polish floors to a scuff-resistant gloss that resists heavy traffic
  • Protective coatings can also be applied for further resistance

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