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Pressure cleaners for floor cleaning

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Pressure cleaners are suitable for floor cleaning applications, offering powerful action to complete expansive floor cleaning jobs in a short amount of time.

Floor cleaners can clean up various substances from floors in commercial and industrial environments including dirt, oil stains, bacteria and even graffiti and tyre marks.

Pressure cleaners can remove accumulated dirt, dust and debris from the floors while also blasting away wood shavings and small hazardous mechanical parts such as screws and bolts so that establishments are kept safe for customers and staff.

Hot water pressure cleaners not only clean floors but also sanitise them by removing bacteria and various contaminants. These cleaners are ideal for the floor surfaces of hospitals, public restrooms and food establishments.

Tough-to-remove oil stains, gum and graffiti can also be removed with pressure cleaners. They also remove liquid spills and oil slicks on warehouse, factory and garage floors, and can even be used to remove tyre marks from machinery and vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

Pressure cleaners are capable of deep cleaning and can penetrate deep into the surface to dislodge harmful dirt and dust that become embedded in the crevices of tile and grout flooring over a period of time. Pressure cleaners can help prevent floor decay and deterioration.

Pressure cleaners can be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs and can clean up any surface so long as it is flat. 

Steamaster Australia offers a wide range of powerful and versatile pressure cleaners.

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