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Nilfisk vacuum cleaners available from Steamaster Australia

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Available from Steamaster Australia , Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are known for their versatile range as well as the safety and health features integrated into each model.  

The Nilfisk vacuum cleaners range includes models with the ability to eliminate the explosion risk posed by combustible dust, while others are made for basic cleaning applications that call for industrial vacuums.  

The feature-rich Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are the preferred cleaning equipment in various commercial and industrial environments.  

Well known for their quality construction, long-lasting reliability, quiet operation, powerful performance and portability, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of options to suit specific cleaning applications from complex and dangerous requirements to simple tasks.  

Key features of Nilfisk vacuum cleaners:   

Explosion proof construction

The explosion proof vacuums are engineered from the ground up to avoid explosions from combustible dust. All parts are grounded and constructed of non-sparking materials, eliminating sparking risk from the outer shell, motor, filters, switches or any accessory.   

Filtration system

The advanced filtration system in explosion proof models safely captures combustible dust and other explosive materials including fuel, powders, solvents and even food residue.  

HEPA filters 

The quiet running vacuum cleaners feature HEPA filters that pull allergens out of the air, keeping the work environment healthy and productive, especially for workers with allergies.   

Strong performance

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are built strong to provide reliable performance and continuous cleaning power for challenging applications without needing to take a break in the middle of a cleaning job. 


Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are available in a versatile range of models from lightweight backpack-style vacuums and large portable vacuum cleaners that can handle tough jobs to wet and dry vacuum cleaners, vacuum function only and even ride-on vacuum cleaners.

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